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Dopplr tracks my flights and my carbon footprint

October 29, 2008

Carbon emissions are a significant cause of global warming.  Therefore, each of us needs to take responsibility in reducing our carbon footprint.  In order to do this, we have to understand how much carbon we are using. is a service for frequent travellers, that primarily allows you to share your plans with other travellers.  However they also calculate the carbon footprint of your flights.  As a technical consultant there has been months where I have travelled week after week all over the country.  As I become more and more aware of my personal impact I continue to look for alternatives whether it be using web conferencing tools, combining trips or recommending to work remotely.  I encourage you to track your carbon footprint, and I highly recommend Dopplr to help you do so.

Carbon Report

Above is an screenshot from Dopplr showing the carbon footprint of some of my trips.