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No car, no problem

December 08, 2008

So my trusty 1992 Buick did not pass the State Inspection this year.  Who knew that the driver side power window needs to be fully operational?  Anyhow, to make a short story shorter, I have decided not to fix my car (at least not right now).

I would like to wait for an electric car to come out before buying a new one. Perhaps a Chevy Volt, or a possible plug-in hybrid Toyota Prius, but they seem to be at least a year or more out.

So until something changes, ill be depending a lot more on the metro system for my daily commute to work.  Today I took the Metro Bus to Tysons Corner for the first time.  It uses your SmartTrip card, runs frequently, was well heated, and even announces and displays the next stop (like airport shuttles). It does add a half an hour each way and I need to walk a little bit more, but overall it is great.  Certainly much easier and convenient that I first expected.

WMATA also updated their website today.  If you haven't used it recently, check it out.  You can email trip itineraries to yourself and there are also direct links to Google Maps walking directions.