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HTC Touch Pro with Sprint

January 07, 2009

My company provides me with a mobile phone, and we just switched carriers from AT&T to Sprint.  Along with this, I got the HTC Touch Pro.  It has everything my old HTC 8525 had including WiFi, a slide out keyboard, exchange integration, and a touch screen.  Some new features include GPS, Windows Mobile 6, Sprint Music and TV, and a slicker look and feel.

I immediately downloaded (which was super quick) and installed the following windows mobile applications:

  • Google Maps even includes street view now on the mobile and works great with integrated GPS.
  • Qik does video streaming.  I have not used this before, but I hear good things and want to try it out.
  • Yahoo! Go I have not tried it yet, but at some point ill probably break down and buy WMWifiRouter as it sounds too useful when traveling.  Also Windows Live Search was already installed, which has a great Speak feature for searching.

What windows mobile apps do you recommend?  Oh wait, I forgot, everyone uses the iPhone now!