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Stackoverflow will answer all your programming questions

January 16, 2009


Lately I have been doing more .NET development and ultimately at some point you get stuck, forget how to do something, or wonder what the best practices for something is.  You immediately run a few google searches and get back some articles on a bunch of weird answer sites.  Recently a new site for asking questions started with a really good and unique design.  If you have not ran across it already, I highly recommend taking a look. is a mix between wikis, blogs, forums, and digg for programming questions and answers.  Even though it is fairly new, it already has a great community and lots of content.  Many languages and topics are covered even though the community, founders, and the site itself are primarily .NET based.

They also run a great blog and podcast where they talk about the site and how they developed it.  They are off to a great start, and they are looking to start a similar site oriented towards IT Centric version soon.  These guys get it.