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Gmail Signature Plugin to display Recent Blog Entries

February 21, 2009

My current email signature at the bottom of my emails has a link to this blog. However what I would really like is a link to my blog followed by the title of two or three of my most recent posts.  I could certainly do this manually, however it would be nice and quicker if Gmail could do this automatically.  I though about it and there are at least a few ways I can get this done:

  • Make a suggestion to the Gmail Labs program (
  • Search Google (Find out about the Feedburner Headline Animator which makes an animated image like below)
  • Make a GreaseMonkey script (would only work when using Firefox with GreaseMonkey enabled)
  • Make a bookmarklet that does this or at least copies the signature to my clipboard for quick pasting into my email One of the great things about the web is that if you want something you can usually just do it or find someone who has already.

Example of the Feedburner Headline Animator.  I would prefer plain text for my emails.  Lazyweb if you know of a good way to do this let me know.

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