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CloudCamp DC 2010

March 25, 2010

Last Tuesday, I attended CloudCamp in DC.  I've been meaning to go to an event like this for sometime and I was finally able to make it.  In particular my main takeaway from this event was how much better an unconference format is over a traditional conference.

This CloudCamp was ran by Dave Nielsen. There were over 200 people at my count, with standing room only at the beginning of the event.  I had my concerns with how effective the event would be based on its format with such a diverse and large audience.  However it was quite successful.  The audience members varied widely, from cloud vendors and consultants to government employees with no knowledge of the cloud and to those with existing or future cloud projects.

The event started with lightning talks, followed by a panel from the audience with questions from the crowd, followed by two audience lead break out sessions, ending with a wrap-up over drinks.

The best part about the event was that it was able to live up to the definition of an unconference.  Instead of going to a typical conference and hearing long presentations from just a few people, we were all able to participate, share experiences and learn from each other.  I look forward to attending the next CloudCamp and other unconference events.