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A location based URL redirector

March 31, 2011

I wanted to create something to enter into Quova Dev Challenge, so I created Nearby Link.  Basically its a service that creates links that redirect users to different sites based on their current location.

If that doesn't make sense, then just visit and you will be taken to the contact form for the governor of your state. If a user in another state clicked the same link, they would visit the appropriate contact form for their state.  Get it?  One link, yet it can redirect to different sites based on the location of the user.

Or instead, let's say your trying to get people to eat at your restaurant by using social media like twitter or facebook, and you want them quickly find a store location in their area.  Quizno's for example, could just link to to and it will automatically show locations around the user where they are at.

Thoughts?  Other uses?