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Analyzing data from

April 14, 2011 is running a contest by opening up its data for analysis and use in innovative applications.  They have provided data dumps for project, search, donation and gift card data in large csv files.  There are a two free tools that I recommend to quickly review this data.

Google Refine allows you to filter the data and identify data quality issues.  It also makes it very easy to manipulate and transform the data any way you like.  Bulk replacements and column transforms are two of its strengths.  Another cool feature is the ability to template exports into different formats such as JSON.  Heres some tips I found with working with the Donors Choose data.  First increase the memory settings.  Second, update the facet limit setting to something higher.  The screencasts for Google Refine do a great job in demonstrating its use.

Google Fusion Tables is good for visualizing data in various ways like charts, maps, or timelines.  This tool works better with data sets that are already cleaned up.  It takes some time to load the data and process it, so it is best served for working with just a slice of data that you would like to present for a specific purpose.  It does have a 250mb limit per user and a 100mb limit per csv file.

So go ahead and start analyzing this data.  It is for a good cause and the lucky contest winner will get to meet Steven Colbert!