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How to become a Sole Proprietor in Arlington County

July 05, 2011

When starting out on your own, there a number of things you need to do based on where you live.  Even with all of the resources on the internet, it can still be a little confusing to determine what is needed as it varies based on a number of factors.  As such, if you are starting a business, then be sure to research what is required for your situation.

Here are the basic steps for becoming a sole proprietor in Arlington County, Virginia.

  1. County - Business License ($30/fee, plus tax at end of year) from the Commissioner of Revenue
  2. County - Home occupation permit (free) from the Commissioner of Revenue
  3. File State Taxes at end of year
  4. File Federal Taxes at end of year and complete tax estimates quarterly Other steps, highly recommended:

  5. New bank account to separate business income/expenses from personal accounts

  6. Business Cards - provides free moo cards
  7. Health Insurance -
  8. Networking - After this, you can look into creating a more complex business type, such as an LLC and/or trademarking a business name and getting an EIN if needed.  However if you are just looking to get started, it could be a simple as that.  Let me know if you think im missing something.