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Now using Octopress

January 06, 2012

Nothing like migrating to a new blogging platform to get you in the mood to write some new posts. Just switched from Wordpress to Octopress.

You can find migration instructions a number of places, but the process was pretty straightforward for me.

  • Exported published posts from Wordpress
  • Updated xml export to include atom namespace that was missing
  • Used exitwp to convert the export into the markdown format. I did run into a wrapping issue.
  • Enabled comments on old posts with the following find and replace
 perl -pi -e 's/layout: post/layout: post\ncomments: true/g' *.markdown
  • Saved images to source/images and updated posts with proper links
  • Deploy to github!
  • Update feedburner RSS feed location

Now I just need to find a spell checker plugin!